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American  Entrepreneur


Heidi Cortez is an American entrepreneur. With more than 12 years in her field, she has made a name for herself in business and entertainment.

Prior to her successful modeling career, she knew business was her passion. At the age of 22 she was the sole business owner of one of Northern Nevada’s largest tanning salons. She lead a team of employees and passionately worked 12 hour days building the success of the salon while branding herself in the entertainment business.

Her love for comedy opened the door in 2005, when Howard Stern personally hired Cortez to be a radio host and writer on his SIRIUS XM Satellite channel. She used her professional writing talents to lock down her first book deal with one of the largest book publishing companies in the world, Simon & Schuster. Her book, “Bedtime Stories” immediately made the Barnes & Noble Best Sellers list, and with the booming popularity it was published again a year later in paperback.

Her acting and modeling career took off internationally in television and print, including Maxim Magazine, and a Celebrity feature for Playboy. In 2008 Cortez was cast and appeared on the hit American reality television show Sunset Tan on the E! Network for two season’s, which skyrocketed her tanning salon fame and success.

Her experience in modeling, writing, and comedy lead her to create her current project, The Perfect Story, LLC, where top model-influencers from Sport’s Illustrated, MAXIM, Playboy, etc read short, funny stories, written by popular comedians. Cortez works with dozens of the world’s most beautiful women everyday, as well as with some of today’s funniest comedians. The brand has gained a lot of interest with it’s Instagram page @ThePerfecStory, currently having 37k followers and escalating.

With Miss Cortez’ extensive expertise and background, she found herself wanting to help others climb the ladder. She wrote her second book titled, “For Somebody Who Knows Nobody” in 2014. Cortez resides in Beverly Hills, California managing several working models and former NFL star. She has helped her clients book amazing jobs with, “Allure Magazine” with Victoria Beckham, Power Rangers, GUESS, and many more. 

Contact: mgmt@heidicortez.com